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Fair and honest pricing - with a senior citizen special offer

Computer PC support - Buxton - Senior citizen prices - Pensioners

Moore Support has a simple pricing structure. We charge a set figure for the first hour (minimum charge 1 hour) and all subsequent hours at a discounted rate. Because we offer some services, like education, which may run over several sessions, we can book blocks of hours. We can use these hourly blocks over several sessions so you still benefit from the discounted price.

We also offer big discounts to senior citizens because we know it can be difficult getting used to computers and, unfortunately, you can miss out on so much if you don't feel comfortable using the computer.

PriceSenior Price
First hour£30.00£20.00
Subsequent hours£15.00£10.00

So, if you want to book 5 hours worth of education, you can pay 1 x £30.00 + 4 x £15.00 = £90.00 (£60.00 for Senior Citizens) and use the five hours across several days or weeks.