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Computer PC support - Buxton - Peak District

Moore Support is run by Steven Moore. For over 16 years Steven worked at IBM in various different roles including computer support, European team leader, and Operational Manager of 70+ contracts with an annual turnover of around £40 million. Prior to this he worked as computer support in Deutsche Bank, a large investment bank in central London and has also worked in retail and the public sector.

With a wealth of business knowledge, Steven has a unique insight into computer support. He understands how computers work but also how to use them in a business situation. This has allowed him to create many time and cost saving applications within a corporate environment.

But Moore Support was created with the knowledge that not everyone is happy using computers and it can be difficult to do the tasks many people take for granted, like email or shopping. There are also a lot of malicious people trying to harm your computer and, without some knowledge, it can be difficult to get it fixed. Or it can be very expensive.

Technology moves quickly. You don't need to know everything but, with a little bit of education or assistance, you should be able to make technology work for you.